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Aenium Engineering, Spain

General description

AENIUM was born in March 2018 to answer the needs of new materials engineering, complex metal additive manufacturing, and innovation focused on aerospace, defence, and energy sectors.

With numerous space-flight components under TRL9, and high responsibility running, they industrialize components in 3 continents and more than 9 countries (Europe, US and Israel…). AENIUM offers an innovative in-house approach for the manufacturing of complex components through our registered method multi-volume variable laser energy density [MV-LED]. The company is able to provide the most advanced metallurgical results addressing complex multi-property components changing locally the microstructures, phases, and intermetallic elements over one part achieving on-demand thermomechanical properties on different volumes or surfaces on the same part. All mentioned qualified under their market technical standards.

Expertise related to the project

Their facilities are composed of material science labs, mechanical testing, certification, and additive manufacturing facilities, automated industrial postprocessing equipment and inspection procedures their main areas of expertise related to the project are:

Metallurgy Alloy Design & Powder Analysis: The company has in-house capabilities and knowledge for metal alloy modification through nanoscience and alloys management on the metallurgy powder affecting the chemistry of the plasma atomized base alloy. AENIUM develops special alloys and metal solutions for boosting metallurgy’s advanced needs of demanding thermomechanical and electrical applications.

Laser Process Innovation. Patented Method, Laser Parameter R&D Qualification: AENIUM developed an innovative LASER-based methodology for the microstructural programming of metal alloys. Through MVLED , the company accurately define the microstructure of the part voxel by voxel by programming LASER energy density algorithms by managing thermal gradients on cooling ratios. With this methodology is possible to change mechanical thermal and electrical properties on just one part depending on the requirements of the application and the alloy.

Industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing: The company industrialises low serial components and high-value series through its manufacturing capabilities for PBF, laser activation, DED and industrial thermo-chemical postprocessing.

Laboratory, inspection and qualification: The company owns laboratory capabilities for material characterization, powder metallurgy development, metallurgy microscopy and corrosion tests as well as non-destructive testing methods and 3D industrial scans ensuring NBL, DoD, AIPS and ECSS compliance among others.

Through these capabilities and expertise, the company will explore the InShape technology researching the possibilities of propelling the next generation of LASER-based manufactured components with microstructure handling for the space sector.