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SILIOS Technologies, France

General description

SILIOS Technologies (“SILIOS”) is a High-Tech French SME born in 2001 and whose core business is Micro-Optics. SILIOS masters the clean rooms‘ equipments and processes to propose two lines of products being diffractive optics for Laser beam Shaping on one hand and custom and off-the-shelf multispectral filters and sensors for multispectral imaging on the other hand. Their different fields of application are scientific, tooling and medical Lasers, Astronomy, Space & Defense, Environmental surveillance, Bio-medical and Medical, Agriculture and Agro-food industries, Forensics and Security.

Expertise related to the project

SILIOS Technologies will use its know-how in design and manufacturing of multispectral imaging filters and sensors to achieve one of the major innovations within InshaPe. This innovation is a multi-wavelength pyrometer/imager for determination of the melt pool’s temperature and geometry to ensure a spectral in-line process monitoring & control system for predictive quality analysis of an industrial PBF-LB/M system.
To that aim, SILIOS will develop custom VIS/NIR and SWIR multispectral sensors and cameras able to collect temperature data from the melt pool and topology data starting from COTS monochrome CMOS and InGaAs sensors / cameras. SILIOS will design and adapt the snapshot mosaic filters and therefore the multispectral sensors to better suit the materials identified in the use cases (e.g., nickel-based superalloys, copper alloys, and aluminium alloys).

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  • Technische Universität München


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  • BEAMIT Group


  • Eindhoven University of Technology

    The Netherlands

  • EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems


  • Oerlikon AM Europe GmbH


  • SILIOS Technologies


  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


  • Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH


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