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Institute of Metals and Technology, Slovenia

General description

The IMT is a renowned public research institute, established in 1948 and dedicated to advancing research of metal materials and their applications. Its mission is to explore a broad range of topics such as metallurgy, steelmaking, aluminium, toolmaking, additive manufacturing, biocompatible materials and environmental protection. By generating new knowledge in these fields, the IMT is able to help production companies improve their processes and products, while also contributing to the development of sustainable energy solutions. In addition, the IMT is committed to promoting environmental protection and enhancing the quality of life for all. Its programs are designed to have a global impact in the coming decade and are of great national importance to Slovenia.

Expertise related to the project

The institute has unique facilities and all the equipment capable of the microstructure and mechanical characterisation of materials. With this equipment and IMT experts’ knowledge of additive manufacturing, the typical microstructure constituents can be analysed as cracks, porosity, nano oxides, phases, melt-pools, cellular structure, dislocation density, grain boundary characteristics, textures and other microstructure details. IMT has developed a state-of-the-art ECCI technique which allows observation of crystal structure defects as dislocations and others in SEM on a larger scale which is of high importance for additive manufactured microstructures. Additionally, EBSD allows grain analyses and the study of boundaries and phases with local phase analyses. Understanding and controlling the microstructure and mechanical properties represent a complementary function of IMT, and thus the InShape partners will receive important feedback for carrying out the assigned work more efficiently at reduced risk.