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In many industrial sectors, such as in the automotive industry, in #aerospace or in the #energy sector, the demand for special #metalcomponents that are light and have a high strength is increasing. Modern #gas turbines, for example, require extremely stable and at the same time lightweight heat shields. An important #manufacturing process for this is the powder-bed fusion process of metals using laser beam (PBF-LB/M). Depending on the application, the process is not yet always competitive compared with conventional production in terms of unit costs. The research and innovation project #InShaPe, funded by the EU with EUR 6.8 million, aims to make a decisive contribution to the further development of the technology. Under the coordination of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katrin Wudy from the TUM School of Engineering and Design #TUMED at the Technical University of Munich ten partners from seven countries are working together on the project.

Publisher: TUM School of Engineering and Design